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I met you at the cemetery gates
me:heyy whats your fav band?
boy:the beatles
me:*falls asleep*
New music this week 🌊
OH MY GOSH WAFIA I heard you on Offspring the other day!! In the most beautiful scene! (82% of that beauty was the music, of course). How exciting! I got ridiculously excited. Go you!

Thank youuuuu!!!! So glad you liked it :—)

Wafia! I followed you about 3 years ago (and deleted my tumblr since) but stayed in touch with your music throughout. Then the other day I heard them announcing "Way-fia" on the radio and I was like WHAT WAFIA!!!!!! So I'm incredibly privileged to have been a fan of your music/voice since the beginning! And I'm so proud of you!!! I feel like a mother :) ❤️

This is seriously so sweet - thank you so much. I really appreicate it <3